"Parrot Pleasure" Heart Pins

Behind the Products: The Heart Pins

Who wouldn't want to wear their heart on their sleeve, especially literally? The heart pin collection has a variety of handmade heart pins that were crocheted in many colour combinations. 

But how did they come to be? Why heart pins, of all things?

Believe it or not, hearts were some of the first things that I learned how to crochet. I learned how to crochet in 2021. It was summer break, and as any high schooler was in the middle of the pandemic, I was bored and at home. There wasn't anywhere to go or anything to do, so like many other people, I decided to pick up crochet.

The first thing I crocheted was a sad granny square. I didn't know how to read crochet patterns at the time, so my granny square ended up being a lopsided granny circle instead.

After that failure, I decided I wouldn't learn how to crochet granny squares. I needed a different pattern to help me learn some of the basics of crochet.

I remember scrolling through Pinterest and Google and several crochet blogs looking for beginner friendly crochet patterns. That's when I stumbled upon a pattern for crocheting hearts! I found they were easy and very fun to crochet, so I set off making a bunch of them. I even used a lot of my scrap yarn and yarn that was too thin to use elsewhere. With those thin pieces of thread, I combined them to create some of the fun colour combinations that you can find on this shop! 

That summer, I ended up crocheting about 75 hearts. The idea to turn them into pins came after I saw an embroidery artist on Instagram turn her art into a pin. So I went and bought some pin backs and attached them to my collection of crochet hearts, and that's when they became the heart pins that you can find on this site!

You might be wondering, "Where are the rest of the heart pins in this video? Why aren't they on this site?"

The answer to that is simple: before I started this business, I was selling them as a part of a fundraiser for Speed the Light. They are a non-profit Christian organization that helps spread the gospel around the world by providing equipment to missionaries. God had put on my heart to raise $12,000 for Speed the Light, so I started selling my crafts to help raise that money with my church's youth group. Many of these heart pins were sold during those fundraiser events, and the ones that were left over are now being sold here as a part of my business.

I'm honoured that I got the opportunity to help raise money for Speed the Light using the gifts that God gave me. I'm just as grateful that I'm able to sell them as a part of this business now! 


Now that you know the story behind these heart pins, why not check them out? You can find them here!

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