Art Commissions

Want a custom piece of art? Art of your favourite characters or art of your loved ones? My art commissions are currently open!

Please read the information and the terms and conditions below before submitting a request.


Workflow Overview

1. Customer reads ALL policies below before emailing a request. Please read all policies below before reaching out to me. Full payment upfront is required before I can start.

2. Customer is placed in work queue until further notice.

3. Communication throughout duration of project until completion. 


Prices can very depending on the details, complexity of designs, and the number of characters. While some references of my art are provided here, please refer to my social media for references of my stylization and techniques.

All prices are in US Dollars.


Little Lupie CandlewatchingChibi Raiden Shogun

Sketch: $10

Flat colour: $16

Full colour: $25



 Abbie Dreamer 2023 Icon

Sketch: $10

Flat Colour: $20

Full Colour: $35


Half Body

"Smug Little Marielle" by Abbie Dreamer

Sketch: $20

Flat Colour: $30

Full Colour: $45


Full Body

"Mothwick Knight Cerise (Genshin Impact OC)" by Abbie Dreamer

Sketch: $35

Flat Colour: $45

Full Colour: $60


Additional characters in one commission are 50% the cost of the full commission, per character. For example, the cost for one fully coloured full body commission is $60. If you want two fully coloured full body characters, 50% of the full commission is $30, so the cost for two characters that would be a fully coloured full body commission would be $90.


I will NOT draw:

  • Sexually graphic content & sex organs
  • Overly complicated designs such as mecha, machinery, or detailed buildings
  • Realistic Styles
  • Explicit gore


Terms & Conditions

By commissioning me in any way, you acknowledge and agree to all terms below, unless otherwise discussed in private conversation during the commission process.

  1. Please write in a clear and appropriate manner when messaging.
  2. Provide clear references when requested and/or a detailed list of what the character[s] physical description is.
  3. Inappropriate and discriminatory behavior will NOT be tolerated, and your commission will be cancelled if that occurs. Should the finished piece be used to marginalize, discriminate, or attack anyone, I retain the right to ask the client to remove this piece from that platform and will contact that platform if the client refuses to comply. 
  4. Absolutely no refunds for commissions will be given unless the commission has not yet been started. Details described AFTER initial payment may be subject to changes in commission price. In other words, an additional fee may be requested for additional details in the art.
  5. I, the artist, have the right to decline or cancel a commission for any reason, and am not required to document or state that reason.
  6. Commercial work will ALWAYS require an additional fee or royalties.
  7. If a client requests a commission with a deadline, rush fees of 15% of the commission price will be applied.
  8. I, the artist, retain the right to post this work to Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Tumblr, and any other site or social media. These will include the product, timelapses, and any reference images the client has provided.
  9. You may not claim my artwork as your own, trace, or heavily reference (as determined by the artist) my work and claim it as your own.
  10. My logo, username, or signature may not be removed by any commissions for any reason.
  11. I, the artist, will not start a commission until I have received any request references. Full payment upfront is required to protect the artist.
  12. Finished work will be sent as the requested file type (typically as a png file). 
  13. If for any reason I am unable to finish a commission or if you would like to cancel your commission, I will offer the extent of the work I have completed for the price that it would have cost, with a refund for the remainder of the cost of the work not completed.



My accepted currency is US Dollars. Payment will be made 100% upfront via PayPal or Venmo (PayPal is preferred) and platform fees for goods and services will be applied to the commission cost.


Process Overview

  1. The client will contact me through the form listed at the end of this page. The client will specify any time requirements at the time of placing this request.
  2. The client will provide a brief description of the character's physical appearance (eye colour, hair colour, scars, tattoos, unique attributes). Links to reference images for the character are acceptable in the form. The client will also specify any poses, clothing, props, pets, etc. that should be included.
  3. I, the artist, will reach out to the client by email. Details about the commission will be discussed and additional reference photos may be requested.
  4. Once the commission is accepted, I will send a PayPal invoice to the provided email. Full payment should be sent to the artist. Once the payment is confirmed, I will add you to my current work queue.
  5. Sketch phase: I will discuss the character's basic design and provide a sample of rough sketches to have a conversation with the client about potential posing and design. Major design or pose changes are acceptable only in this phase. No changes to the character's design or pose will be accepted beyond this phase.
  6. Lining phase: once the sketch is approved, I will begin lining the sketch. During this phase, I will send another copy for the client to approve. If the client commissioned a sketch, this is where the art process ends.
  7. Colour phase (if applicable): After the lined drawing is approved, I will work on adding the colours and details. If a full colour piece was commissioned, highlights and shadows are added during this phase as well. All fees must be collected before the client receives their final file or product.
  8. Once the commission is completed, I will send an email with the final file to the client's preferred email. 
  9. There is no estimated time of completion unless a timeline has been established by the client, pending rush fees.


Copyright/Usage Policy

I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, NOT the client. This means that I am allowed to:

  • Promote myself using the drawing
  • Display the drawing on any social media platorm
  • Display the drawing in any location I choose.

The client may use the product for:

  • Personal use ONLY
  • Printing the art claiming the right of the character(s) (if they are yours), but not the art itself.
  • Sharing the art on their social media pages and/or using the art to promote themselves with PROPER CREDIT to the artist. Proper credit includes explicitly naming me, Abbie Dreamer, as the artist and linking at least one of my social media accounts or this website.

The following is considered copyright infrinement:

  • Reproducing or using the artwork comercially
  • Taking credit for the creation of the artwork
  • Removing watermarks or signatures
  • Altering the artwork without my, the artist's, written consent.

A purchase of commercial rights to the artwork will ALWAYS be 300% of the original price in addition to a tangible invoice of that purchase. With commercial rights, the client is allowed to make merchandise with the artwork, use it in books, covers, props, to make changes, and to promote their own brand with credit being required for usage of the artwork, even if altered or edited. ​At no time is the client allowed to reproduce or display my art without proper credit, even if commercial rights have been transferred over.