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Abbie Dreamer

Thai Tea Can Bucket Hat

Thai Tea Can Bucket Hat

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What was in your hands

Is now on your head

With style and flair,

recycled amends

to our Earth 

and dear animal friends.


Fashionable and unique crochet hats that help the environment through the use of aluminum soda cans. Proudly declare your love for this tea through a crown of cans. 

Disclaimer: This is not a Rico product, nor am I affiliated with Rico. The cans were donated to me by my beloved family before they were washed and cut by me for these hats.

These are exclusive products! This hat may not be made again in the future since my material supply is entirely dependent on my family’s soda-drinking habits.

  • Lightweight hat
  • Wavy brim for extra style
  • Sized to fit most M/L Adult hat sizes. Average hats are 67 cm around the base and 18cm tall
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